Products - Tank Heads and Metal Stampings

Compco takes great pride in providing high quality tank heads and metal stamping products to all of our customers. For over half a century we have remained committed to a standard of excellence by meeting our customers’ requirements and exceeding their expectations. As an innovator in the metal forming industry, we continue to implement state of the art technology and cost efficient solutions to ensure that all of our manufactured products give our customers the competitive edge.

Tank Heads and Tank Ends
  • Pressure Vessel Heads
  • F&D Heads
  • Stainless Steel Tank Heads
  • Steel Tank Heads
  • Aluminum Tank Heads
  • ASME Tank Heads
  • Cold Formed Tank Heads
  • Large Tank Heads
  Compco's production line with products including metal stamping and tank heads
    Tank head production line at Compco's Youngstown Ohio plant