Large Tank Heads

Large Tank Heads (48”- 120”)

In 2012, Compco Industries began offering bump-and-flanged tank heads in 48” to 120” diameter up to 1” thick. Materials include carbon, aluminum, and stainless steel, as well as other specialty alloys upon request. Available shapes include STANDARD F&D, ASME F&D, ASME HI CROWN (80/10), 2:1 ELLIPSOIDAL, DISHED ONLY, FLANGED ONLY.  We are dedicated to personally producing a quality product meeting our customers’ particular specifications.  


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ASME Code Shaped Large Tank Heads

Non-Code Shaped Large Tank Heads


Compco’s large head division produces popular sized large heads for stock in our warehouse. Contact your sales rep or call 1-866-939-9599 for more information. Check out for the latest stock. Discover the Compco Advantage through Compco Tank Head Express – it’s Fast, Easy…Now!